Special Orders

You can special order your Rockpool kayak with custom graphic placement for same price as purchasing the same kayak that is in-stock at PNW Kayaks. 

For special orders, contact us at sales@pnwkayaks.com and we will send you a build sheet and instructions, and also provide an estimate of when the kayak would be available for pick-up. 

It takes a while to get your custom designed and built Rockpool kayak, but it will be exactly as you like it.  Currently we only bring over one container of boats a year each spring.  

If you don't care about color or other custom options, and we don't have your preferred boat in-stock, feel free to contact us anyway.  We are happy to search the US inventory of Rockpool boats for your boat and put you in touch with a dealer that does have your boat in-stock.  We don't receive a commission for doing that, but we want to help you get the right boat for you.

(Brief descriptions and pricing of current Rockpool kayaks are below, while some details on customizing options can be found here.)