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Matt R2AK 2018 - Trak Kayak

Matt and Elaine Pruis formed PNW Kayaks in 2018.  Matt and Elaine have paddled with their two daughters in Washington, Northern British Columbia, and Alaska.  

Matt has been paddling since the early 90s.  He started while getting his undergraduate degree on the shores of Lake Superior in the state of Michigan.  He continued paddling when moving to Seattle for his graduate degrees.  He has a PhD in Oceanography, and a deep passion for wild places.

In 2017, Matt completed the Race to Alaska in a Seaward Quest.  In 2018, he completed the R2AK in a TRAK folding kayak.  He currently holds the fastest time by a kayak record in the Race to Alaska.  He is also the only kayaker to ever finish without using a sail. Additionally, he holds the record for the smallest vessel (16') to complete the Race to Alaska.  Matt was featured in Paddling Magazine (see pg 35 in the Fall 2018 edition) for a brief interview about his participation in that Race.

Matt joined the 20/20 product development team of TRAK Kayaks for a spring 2017 surf kayaking camp on Vancouver Island.  They were testing prototypes of TRAK's proposed design changes for the new TRAK 2.0 kayak, which is currently being delivered to customers.  Matt is a TRAK “pilot”.  He provides test paddles in Washington state and provides feedback to TRAK on potential improvements with regards to outfitting and design.

Matt and Elaine did not form Pacific Northwest Kayaks to make money.  They formed Pacific Northwest Kayaks to serve and help grow the local paddling community.

So let's get out on the water.  Schedule a test paddle now.  We currently have a Taran 18 and a TRAK kayak available for test paddles.

Pacific Northwest Kayaks is located in Ellensburg, WA.

Contact us at: sales@pnwkayaks.com or use the form below.