Special Orders

You can special order your Rockpool kayak with custom graphic placement.  

For special orders, contact David McPherson, david@seakayakct.com, at Sea Kayak Connecticut and he will send you a build sheet and instructions, and also provide an estimate of when the kayak would be available for shipment to the west coast. 

It takes a while to get your custom designed and built Rockpool kayak, but it will be exactly as you like it.  Currently we only bring over one container of boats a year each spring.  

If you don't care about color or other custom options, and we don't have your preferred boat in-stock, feel free to contact us at sales@pnwkayaks.com.  I'm happy to search the US inventory of Rockpool boats for your boat and put you in touch with a dealer that does have your boat in-stock.  We don't receive a commission for doing that, but we want to help you get the right boat for you.

Rockpool Colors and Artwork Available

At Rockpool they enjoy adding individuality to each boat by using custom colors and artwork.  They don't do even have standard colors!

Let them produce the boat of your dreams... Ensure that your kayak stands out from the crowd!

Bespoke artwork included in the quoted price:

Deck: Up to 3 colors/glitter; starfish/kelp and color fade designs as required.

Hull: Single color; no glitter (except alpha jewel dusting).

Seam/cockpit/seat rim: single color per item as required.

We can also accept detailed design graphics and logos sent in JPEG format - again contact us for details.

We are happy cater for more detailed artwork requests but in order to accommodate the increased workload for Rockpool we may have to add a small surcharge - contact us for details.

Note: Extensive artwork/glitter will add weight to a finished kayak, the more colors the greater the weight!

Most of our kayak graphics are custom made. Rockpool enjoys creating vibrant, eye-catching and individual schemes and we are happy to discuss and help you with your design. Contact us with your ideas.

Gelcoat Pigment Options:
All RAL colours and custom color matching service available except luminous and pearl.

Glitter Colors:

Polyester Jewels
Highest quality glitter, applied by spraygun and backed with contrasting or matching solid gelcoat color:
Polyester Jewels - Click here to view.

Alpha Jewels
Multicolored jewels which reflect spectrum colors at various lighting angles, may be mixed in @ 5% or 10% with Polyester Jewels for tinting of solid glitter, or just sprayed lightly to brighten a solid gelcoat boat. Alpha may be sprayed on black for maximum effect!

Please note: Colors may vary due to different monitor calibrations.

Rockpool Construction Options:


  • Hand lay-up
  • Polyester resin
  • Chopped strand mat and glass cloth

The standard construction gives a robust and hard wearing kayak at the lowest cost. It is also easy to repair.


  • Vac bag construction
  • Epoxy resin
  • Glass, Diolen and Kevlar/Carbon fabrics
  • Kevlar/Carbon and Spheretex reinforcing patches

The Premier construction gives a significant weight saving but at the cost of slightly reduced durability. This construction will provide increased performance and easier handling but requires a little more day to day care.

Comparison Chart

Construction Strength Durability Lightweight Ease of Repair
Standard (Polyester/Glass) ***** ***** ** *****
Premier (Epoxy/Kev-Carb) **** *** ***** ***



At Rockpool they fit their own in-house skeg design. This is an innovative design which uses a skeg cable under tension rather than compression. This means that if the skeg is inadvertently left down when landing - the skeg slider is drawn back as the skeg is forced back into its housing, rather than causing the cable to kink.

All kayaks are fitted with Rockpool skegs as standard - except the Taran which is fitted with the Smart Track rudder system as standard.

Other Build Options:

Carbon fiber coaming | $160

Carbon fiber seat | $160

KeelEazy Keel strip | $160 (except Taran)

Gel coated Kevlar front crash guard | $85 (Taran)

Gel coated Kevlar rear crash guard | $75 (Taran)

Reinforcements for sail kit | $150

Custom bulkhead location | $140

Extra Deck/Hull Color (per color) | $140

3-Piece Construction | $1200

Again, this is a lot of information, contact us at sales@pnwkayaks.com and we help guide you through the custom order process.  We want to make sure you get the boat you want, that best meets your paddling needs and desires, and that looks the way you want it to look.