You can pick up your Rockpool kayak directly from us for free.  

If you are thinking about us shipping you a Rockpool kayak, then please check to see if there is a Rockpool dealer closer to your location.   Other US dealers are in:

Location website


Connecticut Sea Kayak Connecticut

David McPherson

Maine (Portland) Nanuq Kayaks

Regardless of where you get your boat, we at PNW Kayaks are happy to help you decide what kayak is best for you and discuss how to outfit your boat if appropriate.  We are also happy to search the US inventory of Rockpool boats and see if one of the other dealers has your boat in stock.

If all else fails, understand that we don't ship kayaks, but you can make arrangements with KAS Transport for kayak shipping FOB from us to you.  Contact us if you are thinking about this option.

Other Items:

Your individual shipping costs for other items will be shown at check-out, but should be similar to those shown below:

DOMESTIC: (United States)

Standard (2-6 days)

0.0 lb – 0.99 lb Free
Expedited (1-3 days) 0.0 lb – 0.99 lb $6.90
Standard (2-6 days) 1.0 lb – 4.99 lb $4.90
Expedited (1-3 days) 1.0 lb – 4.99 lb $9.90
Standard (2-6 days) 5.0 lb – 70.0 lb $19.90



Calculated at check-out