Taran 18 - standard layup

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Taran 18 will be in-stock in April, 2019.  Purchase now if you want to be sure to get one.  

The Taran 18 we will have in stock will have slightly different placement of the starfish deck graphics.  Contact us, sales@pnwkayaks.com, for exact details.

You can special order your Taran 18 kayak with custom graphic placement for same price as purchasing a similar build in-stock Taran 18 kayak.

Representing the future of sea kayaks, the TARAN is a revolutionary design with a world-class resume.

The Taran brings a radical new look to the world of sea kayaking; it is fast and sleek and has friendly handling characteristics that will appeal to fitness and distance paddlers alike.

Designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler, the Taran steps away from the traditional British sea kayak model to yield a high performance craft with surprising levels of maneuverability and stability. The Taran cruises with little effort at 4.0 kts, and if you want to give a little effort it can go substantially faster, yet it is a user friendly, practical, day-to-day kayak. The handling is good enough to tuck in close to rocks and cliffs, stable enough for photos, and confident enough for open water crossings. The Taran is fast but has an easy and predictable handling in even the most demanding conditions. While the form is streamlined and sleek, it actually represents the largest volume of the Rockpool fleet (383 liters). This unexpected feature affords easy and ample storage for weeklong camping trips or multi-week expeditions.

Standard Layup: 

Weight: 57lb

Hand-laid construction
Polyester resin matrix
Fiberglass cloth hull
Chopped strand mat deck

The standard layup gives a robust and hard-wearing kayak at the lowest cost.

Let's go for a test paddle! 
To schedule a test paddle contact matt@pnwkayaks.com.